Cous's Bio: 

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Medric “Cous” Cousineau, SC, CD, Capt Retd RCAF graduated from the Royal Military College in 1983, and went on to receive his Air Nav wings in October of 1984. Subsequently posted to HS443, while she was still an east coast squadron, Cous was awarded the Star of Courage for the daring air sea rescue that precipitated his decades long battle with PTSD. He also served with HT406 Seaking Operational Training Unit, and has held some diverse business positions with a focus on investment and finance. He credits the biggest changes in his life to his pairing with his service dog Thai, who was made possible by the Caen Branch RCL and the support of the NS Nunavut Command.The success of the pairing with Thai has led to the initiative known as Paws Fur Thought which pairs service dogs with disabled veterans.  A captivating speaker who has received numerous awards for his mental health and Service Dog Advocacy, Cous is glad to have the steadying force of his wife Jocelyn, their daughter Jennifer and Mr Munich, their now departed daughter, Lindsey's service dog. "Cous", when not walking the dog, is an avid sportsfan,  history buff, fisherman, motorcyclist and bridge player.