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Further Than Yesterday documents the result of a split second, a single moment. The time it took to make a decision that changed a Naval Aviator’s life and sent him down a path he never imagined. That path led to a personal hell that tried to claim his life during a horrible journey struggling with the complexities of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Fortunately, the decision to continue was made, helped by one courageous four-legged service dog. Follow the descent into hell, and then The Long Walk to Sanity and the service dog program called “Paws Fur Thought”. One yellow lab named Thai was there every step, helping the transition from Despair to Depression to Hope and Optimism. Thai and other service dogs like her have changed the landscape of the battlefield of PTSD and Mental Health.

Further Than Yesterday - Ramblings with "Cous" & Thai