In forty years as a Police Officer, Military Contractor and Search and Rescue‎ Volunteer and Working Dog trainer, I have occasionally come across people battling personal demons. It had many names and references in those days. "Shell Shock," "Lost It"‎ or "Went off the Deep End." Garnishing no more from me than the cliche, "There but for the grace of God go I." Yet always thankful that after all the horrors I've seen and near misses I've had, that I was never caught in the grip of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). "Further Than Yesterday" written by Medric Cousineau, opens a window for the reader briefly enough to peek into the world of a PTSD sufferer. From the author's perilous nighttime helicopter rescue of the occupants of a fishing boat in a gale , to his daily torture with "the Beast" and the relief given by a loyal service dog. This book then goes on to ‎follow Mr. Cousineau's tireless campaign to help his fellow PTSD sufferers, by helping them obtain their own loyal saviours and continually explore new treatment strategies. A fair warning though. After reading this book,  the reader may want to become directly involved. I did!

John Grima, Recruit K9 Services, Former Police Officer, Military Contractor

If you ever get the opportunity to meet Medric and Thai – do not hesitate. To hear him speak, to meet Thai – is life altering. But in the meantime, you are given the opportunity to know him through his book‘Further Than Yesterday, That’s All That Counts’.

- Susan Thixton

What Others Have to Say

Medric “Cous” Cousineau`s book reads like a Stephen King novel. Gruesome, horrifying. But King writes fiction. Cous does not. It is stark reality.

The book chronicles the naval aviator’s life from a death-defying episode in the turbulent North Atlantic in 1986 (which earned him the Star of Courage) to his struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His life has been “saved” by his service dog, Thai. This led to Captain Cousineau walking from Halifax to Ottawa in 2013 to raise funds for the service dog program “Paws Fur Thought.”

Cous is a gifted orator who spoke at the November meeting of the Royal United Services Institute of Nova Scotia. He is also a gifted author who has written with such clarity a book that takes the reader along with him as he encounters the Beast (PTSD). This is not easy reading. His candor takes the reader into the depths that most of us cannot possibly understand.

 Gordon S. Eastwood, Retired President & CEO, Canada NewsWire

Further Then Yesterday: That's All That Counts has me lost for words. The book was so detailed it felt like I was right next to "Cous" through his whole journey. Even though we learn in school about mental illnesses and their struggles we really don't get this honest personal account. So it was awesome to be informed about what Medric went through because it's a nice dose of reality. On the other side of that I love that he found a way to deal with his illness -animal therapy, (the best type if you ask me). It makes me happy that he found something good to go to in times of unhappiness. Further Then Yesterday: That's All That Counts is brutal, but I would recommend it to anyone willing to read it.Thank you for sharing your story, Medric "Cous" Cousineau. Five stars!

Emily C.- Book Blogger

Further Than Yesterday is a heavy read. Written by veteran Captain (Ret.) Cousineau, he details a search and rescue mission that triggered the development of his PTSD. I really liked how Cous told his story. It started in the past and worked its way up to the present. He includes an immense amount of details regarding his military life, the mission, and therapy. 

Cous' story is incredibly important because he sheds light on what it's like to live with PTSD and the multiple symptoms that physically and mentally can shut a person down. Not only does he discuss mental illness in a realistic and raw way, he fights for the rights of veterans who need treatment and care. He doesn't hod back on describing the reality of PTSD.

I applaud him for writing a novel that will affect many people and help them connect with others who understand. Being paired with his service dog, Thai, is a beautiful story and you can easily see how much she has changed his life for the better. This is a must read. 

Sage Adderley

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