“Be the Game Changer” Challenge.

Many times I have met people just like you after presentations, speaking engagements or those who have read Further Than Yesterday who state “I do not know how you did it, I could never do that!” referring to the Fundraising and advocacy that has become Paws Fur Thought.
My thoughts go to a place that makes me think “No you can’t and Yes you can!” The reason you can’t is that you do not have the passion or engagement for the Service Dog world. It is a world that I live daily and has affected the lives of myself and my family greatly. So my challenge to you is to find your passion and figure out what fires you up. Once you have done that, “Yes you can”. 
There is an Old Buddhist saying that goes “Sometimes all that is required is to point boots in right direction and keep walking.”  I know that may seem overly simplistic but it is not much more than I started with when my wife and I made the decision to embark on the crazy journey that has become the Long Walk to Sanity.
So simply put:

Be The Game Changer Formula
1. Find your Passion
2. Define the Goal or Set the Objective
3. Focus on Number 2
4. Be the game changer (Note: this is a verb and requires Action)
5. You are not a tree, keeping moving towards objective.
6. The enemy of progress is perfection.
7. Focus on Number 2.
8. Do something each and every day that moves you toward that goal.
9. Recruit an army of like minded supporters. Share your vision.
10. Be the game changer.

If it seems like the cycle repeats it does. Selection and maintenance of the aim is

critically important.

“The Main thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing”
You can do it.

Be the Game Changer


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Terry Fox, a true game changer and inspiration!