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How did Cous & Thai do delivering the message?

Cous, a gifted orator and natural story teller par excellence, spoke straight from the heart with a combination of remarkable eloquence and bluntness which was liberally sprinkled with humour and, at times, raw emotion.To describe the reaction of the audience as spellbound would be a huge understatement. 

Lieutenant-Colonel (Retd) Bryan Bailey
Executive Director,

Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada

We were privileged to have Medric Cousineau and Thai as a key note presentation at the 2015 Ontario SPCA Animal Welfare Educational Conference. Medric is a compelling speaker, both candid and genuine, as he recounts his career and the experience that led to his journey with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Medric's story reflects both crisis and intervention, as he describes the path to recovery.  It's clear there are two key elements - Thai, his service dog and Medric's ability to reach out to help others recognize and cope with PTSD. The Ontario SPCA endorses Medric Cousineau as a key note speaker and supports Medric's message that "it's okay to not be okay."
Kate MacDonald
Chief Executive Officer
Ontario SPCA

"In heartfelt, clear, concise tones Medric Cousineau tells his story of humble heroism, demons and redemption all the while accompanied by his four-legged saviour Thai.  This was a must hear and see presentation at our public safety event and it is one we will return to and will in reply offer our support in the months and years to come.
Ted Harris, Executive Director, PublicSafety411.ca

 "Medric’s presentation was nothing short of inspiring. Our audience was made up of highly accomplished first responders and military members. They can be a tough audience to say the least but his story completely captured them with his energy, conviction and the undeniable truth of his message. Terrific!"
Robin Bender, President Mega Health at Work Inc

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Cous's Main Speaking Topics

  1. Motivational - "Be the Game Changer"- a challenge to find your passion and make a difference in the world
  2. PTSD - Living with "The Smorgasbord of Dysfunction- Why PTSD is such a complex injury, coping and support strategies
  3. Service Dogs- What they are, What they aren't- Hands on experience from the life of a real world handler who can look at the bigger picture. "If we send'em, we must mend'em"

All Cous's presentations are delivered with a unique sense of humour that helps him broach serious subjects with an engaging style.