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Want to now how good I can smell?

The amazing video below shares the work of Dr Alexandra Horowitz, authour of "Inside a Dog". There are reasons why the Nose knows. 

e your Wanere.


Home Town: Concordia, Kansas

DOB: Jun 2011

Favourite Toys: Chuck-it Ultra Dart and Balls

Favourite Things:Morning Belly Rubs and Pats

Favourite Places: Beaches and Hartlen Point

Likes: Chewing Nylabones and squweeky toys

Dislikes: People who try and sneek pats in public and toys that break too easy.

Position: PTSD Service Dog

Top Skills: Nightmare Intervention, Hypervigilance work, Panic, Anxiety and Dissociative Recall

NIckname: Goofball (when not working)

Thai has been an consistent All-Star performer who has been very busy with her handler since pairing 3 years ago. She has helped her handler win a NS Inspiring Lives Award and Partners in Vision Award with the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. Thai was also the driving force behind two key awards from the PetLynx Urban Animal Summit, taking the top spot in both the Wellness and Innovator of the Year Category. She is also a huge Paws Fur Thought supporter

When Thai is off duty she enjoys playing, going to the beach and uses chewing toys as her stress relief. 

Thai Bio